Under the bath of the pale moonlight She, who holds the greater truth Dwells comfortably into The machinery of the night

what the sun consumes In its wasted hours of daylight Gracefully lies bare

And that’s there Spinning round and round That a new spring life is to be found Where everything breathing fades to black Where minds ascend and bodies wreck Where everyone’s gathers To hear the gongs And sing in one voice The sacred songs

Of shelter, solace, unbroken homes Angelic trumpets and mystic horns Of fever dreams, shamanic trims Tribal dances, celestial hymns Of newborn spirits and unholy priests Inner children and untamed beasts A sacred place where All souls can feast

There she grins, high above What keeps her from being Above it all Like a panther out of the night With the full moon in its jaws

A lair for dusk dwellers, guiding people on their personal transformational paths


The Spanish word “duende” represents an intense sensorial response to art, in the form of a vibrant energy. Unspoken, charming and mesmerizing, this kind of energy is capable of connecting us to our unconscious, working as a guiding light towards a deep catharsis.

As human beings, we are filled with chances to nurture our inner wisdom and develop our innate potential, setting intentions and training our perspectives to shift from fear to love.By bringing people together and creating a deep sense of community, rituals represent a symbolic practice -from the Ancient Greek symbállein, “to put together”- that helps us reconnecting with ourselves, with proof that even and foremost the simplest acts of our everyday life can be imbued with a soulful meaning.

Dvendae is a welcoming, watery underworld for dusk dwellers, on the borderline between light and dark, where to dive deep into the abyss that stirs up your curiosity. Providing holistic practices interweaving spirituality, movement and creativity through online or face-to-face individual and group sessions, thanks to the guidance of a selected range of multidisciplinary international masters, we work as a medium to accompany you on your continuous journey towards wellbeing. Each of our practices is based on your own innate capacities, to tune into your instinctual senses and help you see who you are without judgment, with the aim of reconnecting to your true self and original wholeness.